YBM Audio currently concentrates on amplifiers and related gear. The product line consists of almost everything that AMB has to offer, plus one of the favorite hybrid tube-solid state designs - Millett Hybrid Maxed.

These amplifiers can be implemented in a wide variety of ways: pure headphone amp only, headphone amp/preamp, or even integrated amplifiers.

The prices below reflect the most popular configurations and options/upgrades on our completely finished products. However, in keeping with the DIY spirit, most of them can be altered to accommodate your needs.

Options and Upgrades: Options include parts and labor. No additional labor charge for Upgrades if specified before initial build; add labor otherwise. It is always helpful to specify Options before initial build since some Options are no longer possible without drastic and/or costly changes after the unit is built.

All prices are in US Dollars (USD). Freight charges and insurance not included unless otherwise noted. Paypal fee/custom duty/taxes, if applicable, not included.

Prices, designs, specifications, or configurations are subject to changes without notice.



Millett Hybrid Maxed



*Note: options 3A and 4 are mutually exclusive as they use the same solder pads.




β22 with the companion σ22 power supply

σ22("sigma 22") power supply


σ11("sigma 11") power supply